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Take Out Tuesday Interview - Susheria

Learn more about Mate/Susheria from our interview with the owners. Susheria is a featured business for #GeorgetownTOT on March 2.

Fraga-Rosenfeld Family at 2006 opening of Mate/Susheria

Tell us about the owner - how did you end up in the food industry?

Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld started as a promoter while studying at AU. He would throw parties at different restaurants and loved to entertain and promote his South American culture. Eventually he decided to open his own restaurant where he could host his guests. Mate opened its doors in 2006 in Georgetown and was very successful. In 2018 Mauricio partnered with Hamza Hadani to create Susheria with a complete renovation and expanded on the sushi menu with a Peruvian Nikkei cuisine.

Tell us about why you opened in Georgetown?

Georgetown is the hub for the DMV and it is like a small village in a large city. Georgetown and its proximity to the Potomac is a great place for all ages to stroll, shop and dine. Locals, tourists and politicians are constantly moving through Georgetown.

What does hospitality mean to you?

Hospitality is treating my guests as if they are entering my home. Good food, good times and not break the bank.

What is on the menu right now that you recommend to first-time customers?

Aji de gallina is a typical Peruvian dish and one of my favorites. It is pulled chicken cooked in a yellow pepper sauce, (aji), served on top of rice. It can be a bit spicy.


You can order take out, delivery, or dine in at Mate/Susheria on during Take Out Tuesday on March 2. Find their menu here. Mate/Susheria will offer a complimentary pisco sour, specialty of the house to #GeorgetownTOT food orders.

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