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Chinese Take Out Tuesday with Reren

Join your neighbors in supporting Reren Lamen Georgetown and Brasserie Liberte on February 8th.

We reached out to Chef Leopold from Reren and Beautea to answer some questions so the Georgetown community could learn more about this relatively new business.

Leopold Liao, Owner of Reren & Beautea

What led you to the food industry?

It's very simple. I love to cook, and I’m a good cook. I love to see people enjoying my food!

Do you enjoy being nestled between other restaurants? Do you have a camaraderie between all of you?

We’re good together. As one business, you can’t attract everyone because customers have a choice and a variety of tastes and interests. Unless you’re amazing and have been around for many years (like our neighbors, Filomena), we need to work as a team. We’re all trying our best to produce the best quality food, but there will always be competition.

If Wisconsin Avenue was full of restaurants, people would be so happy to come to Georgetown.

What do you want the Georgetown neighbors to know about you and your restaurant?

I’ve been living in the DC area almost 20 years. I was born in China and moved to America when I was 14. Went to high school and college in Arlington. Since high school I have been interested in cooking.

The reason I opened my restaurant in Georgetown is of course because Georgetown is a destination, but also because I want people who come to Georgetown to feel transported. Like they’ve stepped into a different culture. The restaurant has mixed chairs and mixed décor. Downstairs is a modern take on a bubble tea shop. It is a very unique space.

With my food, I want people to try authentic northern Chinese noodles and dumplings.

Reren in Georgetown is offering complementary dumplings for orders over $30 and complementary poke nachos for orders over $50. Call (202) 450-6654 to order and mention Take Out Tuesday.

1. Reren Signature Lamen

2. Double fly pork belly

3. Dumplings (pork or fish)

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