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Take Out Tuesday with City Sliders

Join us in supporting City Sliders for Take Out Tuesday on February 15th. We asked the owner, Brian Yousefi a few questions. Find those answers below.

City Sliders p/c @seanphotosdc on IG

1. What led you to the food industry? Chef Brian Yousefi has been in the food and hospitality industry for over 25 years. He has been cooking since he was 11 years old and has had a great passion for making incredible food ever since. Chef Brian is incredibly knowledgeable about flavors and trends within the food industry and has spent years cultivating and fine-tuning a menu to bring to the Georgetown community.

2. What would you like the Georgetown neighbors to know about City Sliders? Georgetown is a multicultural and diverse community with a longstanding deep and rich history. It's been a dream of Chef Brian to open a restaurant in Georgetown for many years and the community response has been nothing but warm and welcoming. Chef Brian hopes to be a part of the Georgetown community for a long time and hopes to continue to serve the community the best way he knows how.

3. What meal do you recommend for first time guests? City Sliders takes inspiration for its sliders from all around the world. Favorites of returning customers: include our Korean Fried Chicken, the Peking Duck, the Lamb, the Banh Mi, the Cuban, and the Nashville. With over 15 sliders paired with our variety of fries and shakes, the possibilities are endless for the flavors guests can experience at City Sliders.

City Sliders is offering complimentary house-made chocolate chip cookies with every Take Out Tuesday order. Order online here.

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