Kristina Han

Grants Committee Chair

After working as a banker, consultant and corporate lawyer for many years, I started Own Your Wonder, a “Drybar for makeup” on Wisconsin Avenue (which was forced to close due to the pandemic but still offering services online). I wanted to create an empowering space for women so that they could embrace and discover their own beauty without any pressure from social media or public stereotypes. I was born in Seoul, Korea and lived most of my adult life in Europe (France, Italy, England and Spain) and Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore) before moving to the US about 5 years ago. I graduated from Harvard University, Duke Law School and Johns Hopkins (SAIS). I live with my husband, three kids, a dog and 4 chickens just outside DC.

1. My go-to restaurant in the corridor is …Boulangerie Christophe
2. I know I can find the perfect gift for my loved ones at…Oliver Dunn & Moss Co.
3. One thing I love about Georgetown…you never know what you’ll find when you turn the corner
4. My favorite building in Georgetown is …the old Georgetown Theater
5. Something not everyone knows about Wisconsin Avenue is…it’s not just preppy, retail chain shops like on M Street. there are beautiful and unique things you can find, especially the further up you go.
6. I chose to be a part of Georgetown Main Street because…I love the community of small business owners who are supportive of each other and sell beautiful, unique things