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Geoff Dawson

Board Member

In 1992 Geoff Dawson took a break from his work as a carpenter and residential contractor and opened Bedrock Billiards, which remains a neighborhood favorite in Adams Morgan, D.C. Since then, Geoff has been the creative force behind over 25 bars and restaurants in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Austin and Nashville. After rolling out five Buffalo Billiards, he returned to his passion for creating unique concepts at each new location. In the process, he has built a strong team of craftsmen, managers and staff that ensures quality and excellence every time.

In 2013, Geoff teamed up with former Bedrock Billiards manager Peter Bayne and founded Tin Shop, a creative team that dives into all aspects of bar and restaurant design, build and operation. Thus far, the Tin Shop team has created Penn Social, Highline RxR, Big Chief, Smoked & Stacked, and Franklin Hall. With Church Hall up next, Tin Shop is adding to their stable of popular DC nightspots.

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