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Take Out Tuesday - Peacock Cafe

Learn more about Peacock Cafe from Georgetown Main Street's interview with the Co-Owner, Shahab Farivar. Peacock Cafe is one of the featured businesses for #TakeOutTuesday on February 2.

1. Tell us about yourself - how did you end up in the food industry?

My brother, Chef Maziar, and I both worked at food establishments to put ourselves through college in San Francisco. It was a great experience, especially for Maziar who worked at restaurants with great chefs. When we came back to our hometown of Washington DC, we wanted to do something on our own. It was natural for us to get into the food business.

So in 1991 we started “Mother Peacock” on Prospect Street a little further down than where we are now. We wanted to offer great quality food for the local neighborhood before Starbucks or Wholefoods were around. We became known for our great coffee, espresso, and fresh baked items. We had made-to-order salads and sandwiches which was a unique set up at the time. Later on we added on the fresh juice bar which was a great addition. Then in August 1998 we moved to our current location 3251 Prospect Street. We always wanted to have a full-service restaurant, so that’s what we did.

Brothers Shahab & Maziar Farivar. Photo by Rey Lopez / Georgetowner

2. Tell us about why you located your restaurant in Georgetown?

Georgetown was, still is, and we believe always will be a unique neighborhood. We wanted a great neighborhood to establish ourselves. We were finding our style, even though we were young, and it was our first venture, and Georgetown was the place we felt was right for that.

3. What does hospitality mean to you?

Oh my God – it means so much to us. To be honest, it goes back to how we were raised. We are from a large family of 6 kids. Our parents always brought everyone together; it was a place where people gathered. We were born with hospitality: being of service, caring for people, offering a comfortable environment for people to enjoy.

Images courtesy of @peacockcafe Instagram.

4. If you could do anything else, what would you do?

I would teach hospitality.

5. What’s your most memorable meal and why?

There are so many. We’ve been here almost 30 years, and we’ve gone through so many variations and rebirths, so it’s hard to pick one. To me, the birthdays that people celebrate here with us are most memorable because it means they feel comfortable. One that is most enjoyed with friends and family. Being from the food industry, the most memorable meal is one that makes people the most comfortable.


Wine specials – Any bottles of still wine will be 30% off for neighbors. Just mention Take Out Tuesday on 2-2-2021.

Order delivery, take out, or dine outside at Peacock Cafe. Visit the online dinner menu here.

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