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Take Out Tuesday - Bistrot Lepic Interview

Learn more about the owner of Bistrot Lepic, Cyrille Brenac below.

Cyrille Brenac, courtesy The Georgetown Dish

Tell us about yourself - how did you end up in the food industry?

Always loved to cook and entertain guests. Also wanted to understand the relationship between food and people and how to respect the ingredients, prepare and serve them. Then wanting to learn everything about wine and its relationship with food.

Why did you choose Georgetown for Bistrot Lepic?

I was looking for a great neighborhood and Georgetown with its international community is perfect for our little French Bistrot .

What does hospitality mean to you?

Knowing how to take care of people and their needs the moment they come to our restaurant.

If you could do anything else, what would it be?

Travel the world to learn more how other people prepare their food

What is your most memorable meal?

Of course, meals from your youth prepared by your mother. All these traditional French dishes that as a kid in France you eat and enjoy everyday.


Order dinner from Bistrot Lepic for #GeorgetownTOT February 9th here.

Chef Jean Baptiste

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